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Jonathan Race (English Teacher)

I am a British English speaking native, born in Hereford (UK) and have been teaching English for nearly 4 years. My students benefit from my neutral British accent which is easy to understand and helpful with accent improvement.


I take a CLT (Communicative language teaching) approach to my lessons, using authentic texts relevant to my students interests and goals.


Although I occasionally teach groups, I prefer one-to-one lessons as I can tailor a class specifically to that student and see the greatest improvements in their English ability.

Student Testimonials

miquel testimonial

“I’ve been with Jonathan for more than 2 years. His teaching style is perfect for me; I’ve increased my vocabulary, grammar, listening and pronunciation in such a short time.


I’d highly recommend Jonathan as a teacher. The lessons are enjoyable, interesting and have great materials!”

yoshi testimonial

“I’ve been taking Jonathan’s lessons for my 2 kids for around 6 months.


He is knowledgable in teaching English and can arrange the lessons to adjust my kids’ levels and overcome their weak points.


Many thanks!”

tim testimonial

“I’ve been studying with Jonathan for around a year. The reasons I continue studying with him are:


1. His reliability – he’s always on time and never cancels a lesson when he’s committed to it.


2. His flexibility – he’s happy to adapt the lessons to fit my needs perfectly.”

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Studies show that on average, learning English as a 2nd language increases income by 10-20%

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Income without English

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