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English Reading Resources


Here you’ll find a list of websites that are great for helping improve your English reading skills. The websites are split into different difficulty categories to help find the appropriate material for your level. It is important to find the right level so that you progress at a fast enough pace but don’t burn yourself out with material that’s too difficult. Another way you can improve your reading skills is by using English subtitles while watching movies. Make sure to make a note of any new vocabulary, look up their meanings and then memorise them to make your reading sessions even more efficient. If you are struggling with memorising vocabulary then consider trying ANKI out to make things easier!


Easy English Articles (News) ☆ ESL Fast (Easy conversations) ☆ Short Stories for kids (Children’s stories) ☆


BBC News (British news) ☆☆ Kotaku (Video game / Otaku culture) ☆☆ Marie Claire (Fashion) ☆☆


Architectural Digest (Architecture) ☆☆☆ Forbes (Business) ☆☆☆ Introspective Magazine (Architecture) ☆☆☆ Investopedia (Finance) ☆☆☆ New Scientist (Science) ☆☆☆