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Consonant clusters

What are consonant clusters?

Consonant clusters are found in parts of a word that have consonants together with no vowels to separate them (e.g extra). They can be difficult to pronounce for learners of many different countries.

How to practise the pronunciation?

I find the best way to practise pronouncing consonant clusters the right way is:-

  1. Slow down and break the word up into different sounds
  2. Practise saying each sound separately and clearly
  3. Gradually reducing the gap between each sound (speed up)
  4. Keep going until you can say the word full speed

Be aware that it can take quite a bit of time to be able to make these sounds, especially if your mother language doesn’t have them. Just keep practising and over time you will improve.

Consonant clusters list

Here is a list of English words that contain Consonant clusters. Remember to start slow and gradually speed them up when practising.

  • scratch
  • marked
  • fourth
  • changed
  • crunched
  • searched
  • attempt
  • squeeze
  • texts
  • twelfth
  • risked
  • next
  • crisps
  • glimpsed
  • products
  • asked
  • context
  • cracked
  • clicked
  • thirsts