English XP

Consonant endings

In english there are a lot of words that have consonant endings. For learners from some countries this isn’t a problem as they are used to making this sound already in their native language (e.g German). However, there are a lot of countries that struggle with this as they just don’t have this sound in their native language and their natural instinct is to add a vowel after the final consonant.

This article has a list of words with consonant endings that you can practise, the first is a list of voiced (b, g, d etc) consonant endings and then there is also a list of unvoiced (p, k, t etc) consonant endings.

Important notes

When making a voiced consonant ending sound, the voice box will be used anyway to make the sound but make sure you cut the sound short at the end and avoid adding an extra vowel.

When making a voiceless consonant ending sound, the voice box is not used in the final sound. For this reason you should only be making the sound with your mouth and it will sound quite harsh and noise-like.

Voiced consonant endings

  1. Cab
  2. Tab
  3. Tub
  4. Stub
  5. Bad
  6. Fed
  7. Hid
  8. Bed
  9. Leg
  10. Rug
  11. Tug
  12. Him
  13. From
  14. Calm
  15. Alarm

Unvoiced consonant endings

  1. Laugh
  2. Tough
  3. Look
  4. Sack
  5. Took
  6. Up
  7. Cap
  8. Cup
  9. Loss
  10. Fuss
  11. Toss
  12. Cat
  13. Fat
  14. Fit
  15. Got