R / W Tongue-twisters

These tongues-twisters are designed to increase flexibility when going between the ‘R‘ & ‘W‘ sounds. Make sure when making the ‘R‘ sound that you pull your tongue back otherwise it might sound like a ‘W‘. Start slow and gradually speed up as you become more confident!


1. We want to read walls of text.


2. Why run when we can ride bikes?


3. We retaliate when we really want to.


4. Winning reminds us to remember why we are running.


5. I was robbed for time when I ran into Wendy.


6. I really want to run when it’s raining.


7. When was I writing the right thing?


8. Red roses are wed to really white roses.


9. Water runs rapidly from the west lake.


10. When running the wrong way, reverse right back the way you came.