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8 Resources to Help you Improve your Public Speaking Today

From the get go EnglishXP has been focused on helping people from different backgrounds and with different English proficiency improve their English fluency. However, while the focus has been rightly focused on pronunciation and vocabulary with a long list of articles such as tongue twisters to challenge your speech, the focus on actual speech training Read more

Covid in English

COVID 19 In English

These are strange times indeed. The disruption the world has experienced in the past 2 years has been unprecedented. I was reading an article the other day and as I was perusing the now-familiar words such as R-rate and infection curves. The words still seem slightly strange to me even as an English speaker. It Read more


10 English Idioms With Boxing Origins

Boxing is my favorite sport. I love the unrestrained effort required to combat an opponent sometimes twice one’s size and attempt to bring them down. While size and punching power generally prevail in boxing matches, boxing never fails to provide upsets every now and again. Little wonder there are many words and phrases derived from Read more

Phrasal verbs in the news – 5 at 5

Hello good people, for today’s 5 at 5, I would like to put some context into the slightly confusing words or themes in the news around the word today. My focus today would be on phrasal verbs. When you are done you can check out my list of phrasal verbs. I think it will be Read more

Improve your Vocabulary with 5 words at 5

I am beginning a new series where I share some words that I believe would significantly enrich your vocabulary if used. Some of these words may be familiar but I believe that the knowledge of other ways of applying them would add value. Here at EnglishXP the objective is not only to improve your Engllish Read more