Student resources

The student resources section is an area full of guides and information to help with self-study. It will be updated regularly with new articles that are requested by students, other English learners or topics that I think are useful for those studying English. 


Video game resources

A list of games you can use to help improve your English, arranged by difficulty level

Movie resources

A collection of English speaking movies in order of difficulty. These also are marked as either mostly British-English or American-English.

video game resources
Reading resources

An assortment of websites for you to practise your reading skills. like the others it is ordered by difficulty and has a wide selection of topics from daily news to science.

reading resources


How to build your vocabulary

We need words in order to speak a language but where should you start?

How to improve your English quickly

What are some of the quickest ways you can improve your English?

Learn English for free

How do you learn if you don’t have any money to spend on books or tuition? This guide tells you all you need to know


Why is English important?

What is the importance of learning English? Everyone has their own reason.

English dictionary (monolingual or bilingual?)

Learn about the difference between monolingual and bilingual dictionaries. Which is better when learning a language?

10 Essential English Idioms

Some of the most common idioms used in the English language.