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How to improve your English quickly

The more you use a language the quicker you will improve

How often do you use English? Only in English lessons? When it’s essential to talk with English-speaking people? When you watch some films? Ok, now how often do you use your native language?

There’s a reason why your native language is so good and effortless. You are always using it! The brain will always choose the easiest path so if you let it then it will always choose to use your native language allowing that to get stronger and letting your English get worse!

The more you use a language the quicker you will improve

What I suggest is to use English as often as possible (and if you’re able to then all of the time!) This will train the 4 main areas (reading, writing, speaking & listening) and it will improve them at a very fast rate! Imagine when a baby is born, what do they do? They are completely immersed in the language, they see and hear it everywhere and by the time they are ready to start speaking and writing they can do so at that young age because they have the language around them all of the time.

How can you use the language more?

Think about things you do on a daily basis and just switch from your native language to English:-

  • Listening to music / podcasts
  • Watching movies / TV shows
  • Reading books / magazines
  • Talking to friends (find English speaking friends through language exchange apps)
  • Using your computer / phone (switch the operating system to English)
  • Write an English diary
  • Plan events in your schedule / calendar
  • Sign up for an English language course

Basically most things that can be done in your native language you should be able to do in English. You want to be surrounded by it all of the time.

But it’s difficult / tiring using English all of the time

It’s true that using a new skill can be tiring after a while. Even if you have been using English for a long time you may find it exhausting from time to time but even then you can still be using it in a passive way.

Passive learning is when you have input (listening, reading) without paying much attention to it (not trying to understand it). We set something up in the background and just let it play, very simple!

Ways we can use passive input are:-

  • Radio
  • Podcasts
  • Tv
  • Movies

Just have these things on in the background when doing some other tasks (such as tidying the house, exercising, travelling etc) and it will get you used to the language without you getting as worn out.

So remember, try to use the language as much as possible, wherever possible because…

The more you use a language the quicker you will improve!

If you are wondering how to improve your English language fluency, why not check out this guide. I give you a roadmap on how to improve your vocabulary in 30 days.