R / L Tongue-twisters

These tongues-twisters are designed to increase flexibility when going between the ‘R’ & L’ sounds. Start slow and gradually speed up as you become more confident!


1. I rarely like rolling down the hill.


2. Do you really want to rely on ruling the left.


3. Red lorries run alongside the left road.


4. Reliability is being learned by Riley.


5. Lucky rabbits like to cause a ruckus.


6. Reading alone allows you to really relax.


7. Low rent allows regular lending.


8. I raked the leaves next to Lake Reeves.


9. I looked right at Larry’s rally and left in a hurry.


10. Irene leaned across the raft and laughed really loudly.


English Roadmap

So… you want to improve your English? You’re ready to work hard, make your dreams come true… Great! But… Where do you start? There are so many resources, books, teachers, books etc it would be very easy to drown in all of that information! Not only that, you only have x amount of hours to…

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Connected Speech

In English (much the same as in other languages) we don’t say every word individually and in isolation. What tends to happen is a joining of words which makes it essentially easier for the speaker. Although this can make things difficult to understand for learners of English (and may take some time to practise), it…

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Placement Tests

Here you will find a collection of English placement tests designed to find out your student’s ability. While these are really aimed at teachers trying to find their student’s level, students can use some of these as well without needing anyone else to assess them. Grammar placement testPronunciation placement test

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Grammar Placement Test

This Grammar placement test is designed to find out your level of grammar and to get a general idea of your level of English. The questions start easy and gradually increase in difficulty towards the end. The results will be sent to your email address so you can save them for the future and see…

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