Voiced / Voiceless Tongue Twisters


Make sure you are pronouncing these sounds correctly. These tongue-twisters will alternate between voiced and voiceless sounds in order to train this area. For more information, make sure to read this article on voiced/voiceless sounds.

Tongue Twister List

1. The thing is barking in the park.

2. Thy thigh is an easy thing to see.

3. The van’s fan broke in a puff of smoke.

4. My backpack is packed with bats.

5. This thick thistle makes my tongue fizzle.

6. There are ten decaying gardens to tend to.

7. I could be good if my buddy ate pudding.

8. I dreamt of trees that chose to be close. 

9. I sued the zoo after they gave me cake that made me ache.

10. I took a fuzzy duck to view a truck.

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