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voiced voiceless tongue twisters

Voiced / Voiceless Tongue Twisters


Voiced and voiceless pairs can be difficult for some learners of English. This is especially the case in languages that don’t separate between the two sounds.

These tongue-twisters will alternate between voiced and voiceless sounds in order to train this area. Practise these on a regular basis to see the best results.

For more information, make sure to read more on voiced/voiceless sounds.

Tongue Twister List

1. The thing is barking in the park.

2. Thy thigh is an easy thing to see.

3. The van’s fan broke in a puff of smoke.

4. My backpack is packed with bats.

5. This thick thistle makes my tongue fizzle.

6. There are ten decaying gardens to tend to.

7. I could be good if my buddy ate pudding.

8. I dreamt of trees that chose to be close. 

9. I sued the zoo after they gave me cake that made me ache.

10. I took a fuzzy duck to view a truck.