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Pronunciation Placement Test

Pronunciation Placement Test

These short paragraphs are designed to test students on a variety of different sounds, some of which can be difficult for learners of the English language.

  1. Thank you for the present. It was really kind of you to find such a rare gift. That reminds me, now it’s August I need to find something for your birthday! I’ve got part of it but I’m still missing a few things. I will need to think some more.

  2. What are your views on this essay? It feels like it’s just filling the space with useless thoughts and words. Also I’m not sure about some of the foreign words, maybe they are a little superfluous?

  3. Last Saturday I ran a 7km race. I finished in 25.55 minutes which was a new record for me. I was elated to find out I’d finished in less then half an hour. It wasn’t easy training for this, I worked hard and persevered to get to this level. I want to keep racing and be the best in the whole world!

  4. The Colonel comes from a rural part of Worcester. He has had such trouble traveling here and now his mischievous squirrel is playing with the scissors again. I guess success doesn’t make things easier although it can make things slightly more comfortable. He will go back on the sixth of December.