V / W Tongue Twisters

v and w tongue twisters


These v and w tongue twisters are designed to increase flexibility when going between the ‘V’ & ‘W’ sounds. Remember that when we make the ‘V’ sound, the top teeth should lightly touch the bottom lip and the bottom lip should slightly flick out as we push the air out. In English the ‘W’ sound should have the lips starting with a very small hole and then opening up throughout the soundStart slow and gradually speed up as you become more confident!

Tongue Twister List

1. We view walking as very whimsical.

2. Veering wide helps vehicles win.

3. We voted vegan and we vented our words.

4. When vacating a water-closet, vent the water first.

5. A van will reverse every way it can.

6. Reverend White was very right.

7. I went away to Venice and was very wary.

8. What vows would you verse to wow a nurse?

9. When I went to vent I wound up inventing instead.

10. Be wary when various wares are everywhere.

V / W Tongue Twister Downloads

Here you will find the same selection as above in PNG form, perfect for teachers wanting to use them for class or for students wanting to use them offline.

tongue twisters

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