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b p tongue twisters

B / P Tongue Twisters


The /b/ sound (voiced bilabial stop) and /p/ sound (voiceless bilabial stop) make up a voiced voiceless pair and are known as plosives.

The pronunciation is similar. They both have the lips and teeth in the same place and make the same motion (first block the air and then release). The only difference is that you can hear the voice box engaged with the /b/ sound which makes it sound softer.

Because they are so similar, they can be difficult for learners from some languages. This makes them the perfect candidate for tongue twister practice!

Let’s start building your ability to go between the voiced and voiceless forms of these plosives with the b / p tongue twisters below!

Tongue Twister List

1. Bankers pull plenty of bills into banks.


2. Big pups bark in parks but plenty of breeds bite.


3. Betty picked plenty of apple bits from the baby’s bib.


4. Blue balloons pop when placed above sharp spikes.


5. A brown apple pip was put on my bottom lip.


6. Ben’s brother, Patrick, beat up Ben’s pal, Bill.


7. Purple bags happen to possess plenty of beauty products.


8. Prepare plenty of beef and potatoes because the people are big.


9. Britney pleaded with Betty to place a big bet on black.


10. Paul baked plenty of baguettes but put butter on the bottom.