‘Th’ Tongue-twisters

The ‘th’ sound is used a lot in English. Make sure you are pronouncing it correctly and train yourself with these tongue-twisters below. These tongue-twisters combine a mixture of the voiced and voiceless ‘th’ sounds as well as other similar sounds such as ‘s’ and ‘f’.

1. The first thing to think about is this.

2. Some theories believe there to be things out there.

3. These things finish sooner than you think.

4. Thirsty throats find things to drink.

5. Some things seem to find themselves.

6. My thumb is too thick to flick this.

7. Thanks for the things you sang for me.

8. These thieves thrive on farmers grief.

9. Three thousand spears were thrown at the throne. 

10. On Thursdays, I find thrills in finding things.