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27 Most Common English Errors You Should Avoid Making

  Introduction One of the inevitable parts of learning a new language such as English is making mistake or errors. While you may feel a little embarrassed, that is okay – making a mistake and recognizing it means that you can learn from it to improve your skills. Every person that has ever learned another Read more

Like or as


Do you often get confused about using ‘like’ or ‘as’ in a sentence? Are they the same? Can they be used interchangeably? What are their rules and functions? These words are frequently used in the English language. They specify essential meanings and play different roles. Effectively using ‘like’ or ‘as’ in your speech efficiently requires a knowledge of Read more

How to improve your vocabulary in 30 days

Vocabulary is the foundation for learning any language. It is considered to be the set of words within a particular language that are familiar to you. Building a better vocabulary is important for language development, comprehension, and communication . It is considered a key component of mastering a language and achieving language fluency. Think of all the Read more

english pronunciation rules

10 English Pronunciation Rules

English pronunciation can be incredibly difficult, no… English pronunciation can be extremely difficult! Words can sound nothing like how they are written and it can sometimes feel like you are playing a guessing game when you encounter a new word. Despite being difficult, there are patterns we can learn. Using these patterns you will feel Read more

english pronunciation for japanese

English Pronunciation for Japanese

One of the hardest areas of English for a Japanese learner is pronunciation. You can have flawless grammar and an immense vocabulary range but without the right awareness and practice, pronunciation can let you down and make it difficult for listeners to know what you are trying to say. This article will improve your pronunciation Read more



What Are Superlatives? I climbed the tallest mountain. I have the hottest drink. This is the most important thing. We use superlatives when we compare 3 or more things and want to express the highest or lowest degree of an adjective. You can recognize them when we see “-st” at the end of a word Read more

how to use anki

How to Use Anki (Getting Started)

What is Anki? Anki will help you memorize a lot of things, very efficiently. Think of it as memorisation on steroids. Anki tests you on various pieces of knowledge, in our case vocabulary, grammar etc. These things are tested in short bursts on a regular basis so that you retain everything you learn. Useful, right? Read more

Learn english with video games

Learn English With Video Games

When playing a video game in another language, the main difficulty you will face is large amounts of text. When the experience is very visual without the need for much language to explain what’s going on then it makes things a lot easier. Sounds obvious right? The problem is we don’t always know which types Read more