‘ed’ endings

ed endings


The ending to regular past simple verbs in English is ‘ed’ (e.g. viewed, ended, looked etc). These ed endings can be pronounced in 3 different ways depending on the ending sound of the verb stem.

/ id / (did)

/ t / (went)

/ d / (send)


1. / id / sound

We use this sound when the verb stem ends with a ‘t‘ or a ‘d‘.

example words:- vented, worded, tempted


2. / t / sound

We use this sound when the verb stem ends with a voiceless sound (s, k, p sounds)

example words:- helped, looked, forced


3. / d / sound

We use this sound when the verb ends with a voiced sound (z, g, b sounds)

example words:- confused, plugged, bombed




Practice exercise

Now try this method out on the list of words below that contain ed endings.

  1. Does the simple present verb have a t / d, voiced or voiceless ending?
  2. Should the -ed ending verb have an / id /, / d / or / t / ending?
  3. How should the word be pronounced?


  1. Talked
  2. Wished
  3. Thanked
  4. Mended
  5. Sniffed
  6. Traded
  7. Walked
  8. Faded
  9. Videoed
  10. Allowed
  11. Jumped
  12. Sailed
  13. Emptied
  14. Waited
  15. Tinted


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