Grammar Placement Test

Grammar Placement Test


This Grammar placement test is designed to find out your level of grammar and to get a general idea of your level of English. The questions start easy and gradually increase in difficulty towards the end.

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( ) is my brother.
The ball belongs to me, it is ( ).
I want ( ) more water.
He ( ) to school every day.
Last night I ( ) my homework.
A house is ( ) than a ball.
The water is ( ) the cup.
This necklace is the ( ).
I don't have ( ).
Right now I am ( ) English.
I love ( ).
That is ( ) ball.
We are ( ) to the cinema tomorrow.
I don't like doing housework, but I ( ).
Please, ( ) pass me the ball?
I ( ) all day yesterday.
If it rains later, I ( ).
They hate loud music, therefore ( ) of them want to go to the party.
This is tasty, ( )?
The builders ( ) all day tomorrow.
You ( ) not smoke indoors!
My house is ( ) the middle of town.
I ( ) all day, but I've finally finished!
What ( ) tomorrow?
Have you ( )?
I'm going ( ) work now.
I couldn't go to school ( ) the weather.
She ( ) she is going to France.
I don't know that word. I will ( ) in my dictionary.
I live in a town ( ) very small.
The cookie ( ).
The person ( ) broke the window needs to tell me now.
I want to do the work ( ).
I ( ) for two hours by the end of the day.
I am the same age as John. I am ( ).
She asked me ( ).
This is the ( ) question in the whole exam.
I wish I ( ) that.
It's time for you to ( ) to your responsibilities
Do you like ( ) shoes that I'm wearing?
The house ( ) in 1955.
I ( ) bring some food.
( ) eaten something so delicious before!
I suggested that ( ) all of his food.
( ) tidy more, this room wouldn't be so messy.
The builders have been here ( ) last Tuesday.
It was as if ( ) a dog before!
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Grammar Placement Test
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